Back to Basics Marketing Strategy

As business owners and marketers we often focus too much about how we communicate with prospects and customers.

We are bombarded with the “right way” to market our businesses.

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Sometimes as marketing services providers we are guilty of “pushing our solution” for clients and as business owners we are guilty of chasing the next “silver bullet” that will transform our business instantly.

Unfortunately in reality the marketing communications method or channel is only one (and probably the less important) part of the marketing story.

We need to ‘get back to basics” – to remember that Marketing should be about:

  • Defining your ideal customer (for end customers, channel and referral partners)

  • Understanding their problems and needs

  • Providing a product or service that meets their needs and

  • (of course) having a profitable business model that makes the business sustainable.

Once you have this in place then you can communicate via the best channels or methods that will interest, engage and build relationships with your prospects and customers in the most effective way given your time and budget resources.

So challenge yourself and take some time out to “Get Back to Basics” with your Marketing Strategy. Use this time to make sure you know your customers, truly understand their need and are providing a product and service that meets their needs.

Then create your marketing strategy, a consistent brand and find the best methods or channels to reach.

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