Customer Experience is the new King

In order to set New Year's Resolutions and goals I believe it's important to look back on the year that's passed and evaluate your businesses' marketing accomplishments and where they could be improved in the new year. Running a marketing agency business should be no different, right?

I recently read an article in Sales and Marketing magazine talking about how “Customer Experience is king" is the new "Content is king”.

Why? And what does it mean?

In a digital world where everything is always available and everything is connected buyers have a multitude of options to consume. And with consuming I mean compare prices, check availabilities, write reviews, purchase and so much more. Not all the options are online, of course. That’s why it is important to be omnipresent. Or better said, you need an omni-channel marketing and sales approach. You need to be present at every possible touchpoint a customer can have with you.

Let's look at an example

For example a buyer wants to purchase a new washing machine. They will most likely go to the shops and get some advice on what suits their needs. Afterwards they are going to hop online on their smartphone on the way home and compare prices online. Finally, they will take some time to make a decision and buy the new washing machine on their laptop in a web store.

As you can see, there’s three touch points already, let alone the customer support when something’s wrong with the machine, the offline advertisement they might have seen that influenced their buying decision or the reviews they read online about the great customer service you provide.

So what's the answer?

You need to be present across all these channels or you’ll lose customers and just as important, be consistent with the messages you send.

A buyer needs to get consistent and reliable information in store and online, they need a brand to be consistent in messages, tone and approach no matter which channel they interact with you in order to get a seamless and smooth customer experience.

To get your brand aligned you need an aligned and integrated marketing and sales plan, the two need to interact and rely on the same data.

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You can read the full article at

Not sure?

If you want an objective view of your 2018, or someone to cast an independent eye over what you plan for 2019, I'd love to discuss to make this happen for your business. Also if you want a copy of my spreadsheet, to save setting it up just reach out to me via email at, call me on (02) 9125 0520 or visit our website. 

Kym Heffernan

Kym Heffernan

Kym works with Businesses and Professional Practices through The Marketing Strategy Company, to increase their revenues through analysing, improving and optimising their marketing and sales activities.

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