LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is an important tool for businesses but how do you effectively use the platform to generate leads and find new clients and customers. In a recent...

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Basics of Brand Strategy

A Brand Strategy is a critical component of your overall Marketing Strategy - but what is a Brand?

Your Brand is essentially how you are perceived in the...

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Cutting to the Core with Facebook Ads

Earlier this year, there was an announcement from Mark Zuckerberg about how often Facebook Business Page Posts get shown on your Business Page follower's...

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5 Reasons to Reconsider Print Marketing Today

Print is still a very important communication and branding medium for many businesses and in many cases can have an even bigger impact on your clients and...

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Promoting Yourself with Personal Branding

Why a Personal Brand? Because increasingly, people want to deal with the person behind the brand or business to understand their expertise and whether they...

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Creating an Effective Loyalty Program

Most business owners or managers understand the need for repeat business and how important it is to look after existing clients. But research shows that...

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