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Kym works with Businesses and Professional Practices through The Marketing Strategy Company, to increase their revenues through analysing, improving and optimising their marketing and sales activities.
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5 Reasons to Reconsider Print Marketing Today

Print is still a very important communication and branding medium for many businesses and in many cases can have an even bigger impact on your clients and...

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Promoting Yourself with Personal Branding

Why a Personal Brand? Because increasingly, people want to deal with the person behind the brand or business to understand their expertise and whether they...

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Creating an Effective Loyalty Program

Most business owners or managers understand the need for repeat business and how important it is to look after existing clients. But research shows that...

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Big Social Media Takeaways from 2017

Social media is without a doubt one of if not the most effective ways to reach a variety of people from a variety of different demographics. Our friends at...

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Selling Better without Being Too Sales-y

Sales is hard for many people in business and can sometimes seem hard and feel awkward but in business getting new clients is our lifeblood. But sales...

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Big Changes For Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook is making big changes to their News Feed Algorithm with a focus on prioritising content from friends and groups rather than advertisers and pages,...

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