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Kym works with Businesses and Professional Practices through The Marketing Strategy Company, to increase their revenues through analysing, improving and optimising their marketing and sales activities.
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Market Research-Based Strategy

Setting up a objectives for your marketing and sales is a good first step when creating a marketing strategy as we have shown in our last episode of the...

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Customer Experience is the new King

 I recently read an article in Sales and Marketing magazine talking about how “Customer Experience is king" is the new "Content is king”.

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New Year Marketing Strategy Review

In order to set New Year's Resolutions and goals I believe it's important to look back on the year that's passed and evaluate your businesses' marketing...

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One Page Marketing Plans

Why have an effective Marketing Plan before you do your marketing? Because  businesses have tried “doing marketing” and not achieved the results they...

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Need to Know Networking Tips

Building a Network of connections is a key part of your Business success. But to do this you need to be meeting face to face and building relationships, not...

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Turning Telemarketing into Trust

What happens when your digital marketing doesn't generate enough leads? What if you haven't got time yourself to keep in regular contact with your clients...

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