6 Website Essentials to Attract More Business

How do you know you have a good website? A good website is essentially one that engages customers and converts (the phrase often used to describe the act of converting a visitor to your website into a paying customer) any prospective clients into regular customers.

We recently sat down for the Marketing Strategy Podcast with Justin Meadows, our web developer and director of a web development company that specialises in helping agencies that build websites to find what a good website is and what the essential elements are. 

By putting into practice these 6 website essentials for getting more business as outlined below – you will be well on your way to getting more leads and converting those leads into paying customers.

1. Be Customer Focused

  • Often, when people are thinking about their own website, they are focusing on giving information about themselves.  Therefore when creating content, that is their mindset is – what can I offer?
  • This isn’t necessarily a good thing when the primary focus shouldn’t be on what you do and what you think but rather on what the customer wants and needs
  • When writing content for your website, you should always first and foremost think about how this content can help your customers or prospective customers
  • Think about questions like what does the customer want? And what does the customer need to see to realise “this is the place I need to be, this is the business I want to work with”.

2. Have one core message

  • You only have a few seconds to grab their attention and if you don’t hit the mark on that first impression, they will simply hit the back button and continue searching on Google so you need to ensure you get the message across clearly and concisely
  • You want to have a message that speaks exactly to the problem that you solve for that customer and the benefits that you can bring to them.
  • That is partially getting across your marketing message but also how your website is set out with attention grabbing imagery and text that your customer wants to read is equally vital

3. Decide on a Primary Goal

  • Once you have your core message worked out you need to work out your primary goal, so what you want them to do next.
  • What is the main action for them to take?
  • A common mistake most people make at this stage is trying to get the lead to do too many things, you want them to contact you, you want them to go to your Facebook page, you want them to sign up for this free thing and you want them to book and appointment.
  • You are trying to do six things on the homepage and they are all fighting for attention, it’s important to identify which is the sweet spot.
  • What’s the main thing you really want them to do and you highlight that, make that front and centre and stick it at the top of your website, down the bottom of the website.

4. Make sure it is Fast

  • Making sure your website loads fast is something that has become more and more important recently
  • This is the case as late last year Google announced that they are using the speed of the website as a ranking factor
  • So, if you have a slow website, you are not going to rank as high in Google
  • Another thing this affects is Google AdWords Campaigns, they actually give you a penalty on your quality score, so if your website loads slowly, you’ll get a lower quality score that means you need to pay more per click for your ads.

5. Ensure it’s really Mobile Responsive

  • Make sure your website is mobile responsive as people are really using phones and small devices more and more.
  • You want to make sure you have a good experience on the phone, on the tablet, on the desktop, on the large desktop and on the laptop.
  • Make sure you are covering all the bases where your potential clients could be viewing your website from

6. Build Trust among your clients

  • This is something that’s important on any website as people are still hesitant, and rightly so, when it comes to handing over their hard-earned money.
  • You need to make sure you trust the person that you are doing business with. Trust is a critically important factor when people are initially relying on your internet presence in order to make that initial contact
  • Things like having testimonials, case studies and proof, social proof or a proof of concept and a proof of your product can go a long way to building trust between you and a prospect
  • Examples of where you have appeared promoting your product or business to verify that you are legitimate • will also help increase your perceived trustworthiness to prospective clients.


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Marketing Strategy Show Podcast on what makes a good website

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