5 LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Tips

If you are selling Business-to-Business (B2B) and trying to build your reputation, grow your  network or distribute great content to generate interest in your products or services then its worthwhile taking a look at your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy.

I have put together these five tips to getting better results from LinkedIn based on hundreds of hours  research, listening to some of the most recognised teachers of LinkedIn strategy and my own personal experience so I hope you enjoy and use them.


1. Work out who your ideal client and referral partners are

Seems a bit obvious but if you haven’t defined your target market and/or ideal referral partners you won’t attract the right people and distribute your content to the right channels.

2. Make sure you have “one word” that guides your content

For example for The Marketing Strategy, we believe Marketing starts with having the right strategy in place first. So almost all of our content is about Strategy – that’s our “one word” . The right Digital Strategy, the right Email Strategy, the right referral Strategy, the right B2B Strategy and of course the right LinkedIn Strategy!

So what your “one word”? Is it Innovation, Ideas, Implementation, Efficiency, Professionalism, Clarity or something else? Once you have your “one word” working out the content you share will become far easier.

3. Build your network

Again it seem obvious but having LinkedIn without a LInkedIn network is wasting you time and probably costing you money. Make sure all your past clients and current clients are connected. Make sure all your current and past prospects are connected. Make sure all your current and past referral partners are connected. When you meet people personally who are your ideal clients or referral partners connect with them.

4. Be active

Join relevant groups (where your customers and referral partners are) and contribute to conversations. Also look at setting up a Company Page. Then, using your “one word” (see Point 2 above) as the co content guide, post content (your own thoughts, interesting articles) on your personal page, relevant groups and company page at least twice per week. Why? – because LinkedIn is a great way to keep your connections up to date on your latest thoughts. What do you post –– but remember your overriding message from #2. All your content must lined back to this.

5. Follow up with those who look at your profile

Thank them, connect with them or have a coffee with them. They have taken the time to read a comment, look at your profile and they already know something about you. If you don’t it is like hearing someone knock at the door and you don’t answer! So book an appointment with yourself once per week to review who’s looked at your profile and reach out to them.

Finally, have fun with LinkedIn. Try the above and add your own twist. Would love to hear your LinkedIn tips and tricks. Just send them to me at kym@themarketingstrategy.co or if you would like to hear about LinkedIn Marketing, Digital Marketing or Referral Marketing make sure you connect with us.

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